Just Added to Our Digital Collections: Football Artifacts


On Friday, a new traveling exhibition will open at The Henry Ford—Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Hall of Fame.  As an online supplement to the exhibit, we have digitized selections from our collections related to football, including photos of football playing students from the Edison Institute Schools as well as Henry Ford Trade School; Mercury advertising photographs with a football theme; and assorted other items.  One hidden gem that we uncovered during this project is Edsel Ford’s 1934 season pass to home games of the Detroit Lions, which will be on display along with the exhibition.  Check out all of our digitized football collections on our collections website, then come visit Gridiron Glory in Henry Ford Museum.

Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections and Content Manager at The Henry Ford.

Just Added to Our Digital Collections: Igor Sikorsky Photos


You may know that the Sikorsky VS-300A helicopter on display in Heroes of the Sky in the Henry Ford Museum was the first practical helicopter in the United States.  Inventor Igor Sikorsky piloted this craft for about an hour and a half on May 6, 1941, setting a world endurance record.  In 1943, as shown in this photograph, Sikorsky demonstrated the machine on the front lawn of the Henry Ford Museum just before donating it.  Attendees at the event included Henry and Clara Ford, Henry Ford II, Charles Lindbergh, and Les Morris, Sikorsky’s chief test pilot.  We’ve just digitized a number of photos related to the ceremony, Sikorsky, and helicopters in general—view them all in our digital collections.

Ellice Engdahl is Digital Collections and Content Manager at The Henry Ford.

Recipe: Harvest Sushi


As part of our Fall Flavor Weekends,  our Executive Chef Michael Trombley presents a cooking demonstration at Taste of History each Sunday. Every year there’s something new to watch being created, and this year is no different. Take a look at Chef Mike’s technique for preparing your rice for harvest sushi, this year’s Fall Flavor Weekends cooking demonstration. During his demonstration Chef Mike will show you the basics of creating sushi rolls. What you add to them, as you’ll see in this recipe, gives them a unique twist. You can see Chef Mike demonstrate this recipe at 12 pm and 2 pm in Taste of History this Sunday. Continue reading

Greenfield Village is Focused on Fall Flavor


infoCenter_FallFlavordigitalflyer2014-page1Get ready to kick off the first full weekend of fall this Saturday as Greenfield Village plays host to our annual Fall Flavor Weekends. Paired with cooking demonstrations, a farmers market and tours, Greenfield Village is bursting with harvest activity. Take a look at this year’s schedule.

Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28

Fall Farmers Market: Saturday ONLY—10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Village Pavilion
This market offers local grains and baking mixes, organic breads, farm-fresh produce, pumpkins, meats, honey, and more. Members of the Village Herb Associates will be on hand to sell their handcrafted creations. Sponsored by Michigan Farm Bureau. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes With IMLS: The Process


Objects pulled from just two shelves.

The Henry Ford is busy with many projects right now, including an ongoing two-year grant awarded to us by The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to digitize and rehouse our communication collections – things like TVs, radios, phonographs, computers and typewriters. We have about 1,000 artifacts to process. With a project of this size, it’s important for the many people contributing to this project to coordinate and organize each step to make sure every artifact is processed correctly. Here is an overview of the steps that we are using:

Discovery: The artifacts are currently stored in our Collections Storage Building, so the team must first pull all the objects off of shelves systematically. Once that is done, our Curator of Communication and Information Technology, Kristen Gallerneaux, determines which objects are considered part of the grant using our proposal for reference. Continue reading

Conserving Our Political Paper Lanterns

Campaign Lantern for Democrat George McClellan running against Republican Abraham Lincoln, 1864. (Object ID: 72.31.53)

Campaign Lantern for Democrat George McClellan running against Republican Abraham Lincoln, 1864. (Object ID: 72.31.53)

The Henry Ford holds an extensive collection of late 19th century political campaign lanterns, dating from the 1860 to 1900.  These paper, accordion-folded lanterns usually held candles and were used in processions and rallies in support of the candidates. They are screen printed in patriotic colors – some contain images of the candidates and/or slogans.  In an age before television and radio, processions were a method of attracting attention for a political race.  As paper objects these are truly ephemeral objects.  Their survival for more than 100 years is remarkable.   Continue reading

Thomas Edison: Inventor AND Chemist

Thomas Edison Perfecting His Wax Cylnder Phonograph, 1888 (Object ID: P.B.34600).

Thomas Edison Perfecting His Wax Cylnder Phonograph, 1888 (Object ID: P.B.34600).

All eyes have been on Menlo Park in Greenfield Village recently, both here at The Henry Ford and across the nation. Menlo Park kicks off the first episode of our new television series, “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” on September 27 as Mo Rocca tours the building to learn more about Thomas Edison and the work he researched in that very space. This weekend members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) will be joining staff from The Henry Ford to bestow a special honor upon the building: National Historic Chemical Landmark. Continue reading

Recipes With An Updated Twist


Beef Olives, sometimes referred to as a beef roulade (meat rolled around a filling), dates back to colonial times.  The original recipe for this delicious dish calls for a large amount of fat and is a significant source of saturated and Trans fats.  A few simple changes can reduce the amount of fat in this dish while retaining the traditional flavor of this dish.

Crisco shortening was created as a vegetable shortening alternative for lard. Originally made with hydrogenated oils, Crisco was high in Trans-fats that can promote heart disease.  Today’s Crisco is still great for baking and cooking, but contains significantly less Trans-fats (nearly trans-fat free).  For good health, limit your intake of all dietary fats. Continue reading

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