Great foodie gifts for the holidays available at The Henry Ford


Are you looking for ideas for gifts for the holidays? You don’t have to search far! On your next visit, stop by one of the many restaurants here at The Henry Ford to pick up a gift for that special person on your list.

Our shelves are stocked with Michigan-made products that are unique and affordable. Below are just a few examples and descriptions from their websites. Take a look!

Slow Jams, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. – $7.00

“Handcrafted, locally sourced, slow-cooked jams, jellies and preserves. We feature Michigan produce and Michigan sugar. Because Slow Jams is dedicated to Michigan agriculture, our lineup of varieties reflects the bounties of our great state and changes with the seasons and the harvest.”

Cream-Nut Peanut Butter, Grand Rapids, Mich. – $9.00

“The Cream-Nut story begins “when Sibbele Koeze emigrated to America from the Netherlands in the 1880s. He built upon his Old World commitment to handcrafted, artisanal food and in 1910 established a thriving produce business.

To make a vintage product, we use vintage machinery. Though more costly to run and maintain, this machinery allows us to slow down the process and focus on the craftsmanship of Cream-Nut peanut butter.

Selected Virginia peanuts are carefully roasted to a rich dark color, then coarse ground to perfection. To insure attention to detail, we produce small batches, one at a time. We add nothing more than a pinch of salt. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, or sugar, and it’s never homogenized. The result is the best tasting, all-natural peanut butter available. Prized in West Michigan for generations, we’re proud to introduce Cream-Nut to a national audience.”

Detroit Spice Company, Detroit – $8.00

“Detroit Spice Company (DSC) is a specialty food product line featuring six spice blends. Detroit Steak Seasoning, Detroit Jerk Seasoning, Detroit Barbecue Rub, Detroit Greektown Seasoning, Detroit Mexicantown Seasoning and Detroit Middle Eastern Seasoning. All six spice blends come in our signature metal “tins” and each features a custom graphic of Detroit classic cars with meat grilling on the engine!

Detroit Spice Company was founded in Detroit in 2000 by urban planner and foodie Randall Fogelman.”

Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce, Ann Arbor, Mich. – $12.00

“In the mid-to-late 70′s, Colleen Clancy found herself in Ann Arbor and Clancy’s Fancy was first introduced at a vegetarian potluck. Colleen was trying to create real-tasting tofu pepperoni and mixed together the perfect blend of ingredients in an exceptionally delicious sauce. It was an immediate hit! First, friends started asking for “that fancy sauce that Clancy makes.” Then, local store owners and restaurants wanted it. Eventually, it grew into a high-demand business, and the sauce was still made the way it always had been – by hand with quality ingredients.

Clancy’s Fancy has been featured in the books Food Finds: America’s Best Local Foods and the People Who Produce Them and Fork in the Road with Eric Villegas. It has also appeared in televisions programs on both Food Network and Travel Channel. Other appearances have included The Great Hot Sauce Book and The Best American Recipes 2003-2004.
Featured Treat!”

Walnut Raisin Hobo Bread, Dearborn, Mich., Made in house at The Henry Ford – $6.00

“Hobo Bread is a moist, sweet nut bread inspired by the loaves that hobos baked in tin cans during the Great Depression. It’s not complicated – organic Michigan flour, raisins, eggs, butter, brown sugar, some walnuts and a dash of baking soda. The result is a bread that is great on its own or adds a delectable twist to any sandwich. You can toast it, turn it into bread pudding, or have it on the side of your salad.”

This is just a sample of what we sell here at The Henry Ford. Take a stroll on your next visit and add something special from the Great Lake State! I’m sure you’ll find something for the entire family.

We look forward to seeing you and happy holidays!

Elena Fears is the Senior Manager of Food Services and Catering. She enjoys soccer, snowboarding, and living in the “D.” Her passion is in all aspects of food and beverage.

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