72 Pinto for a 65 Mustang

My 1972 Ford Pinto was a gift for my high school graduation. My parents traded in their 1965 Mustang, which they received about $500 for a down payment. My new brown pinto, included luxury interior and sold for $2,700.00! I was to make the $87.00 per month payment. I got a job right out of high school and was able to fulfill my obligation. Even though I drove the Mustang around a lot, it was nice to have my own car to take my friends here and there and go where I wanted to go. I even drove it from southern California up to San Francisco and back, in 1973. I became a Mary Kay consultant, and this car would take me to all of my presentations. Overall, I really enjoyed my Pinto, and kept it for 3 years.

Denise Ramirez

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