The perfect first car

I learned to drive in two different cars, my mom’s 1959 Ford Galaxie (with the big T-Bird engine) and my dad’s conservative little Volvo 544. I liked both cars but when it came time to get my own practicality made the decision. The Volvo cost far less and was far more economical to drive than any of the big American cars and non of the other small imported cars at that time seemed to be very substantial.

My dad found a good deal on a 1960 Volvo at the Volvo dealership in Fresno, California. Low miles and only $1,600 from one of the dealer’s employees. So I made the jump. It was a smart move. The Volvo was so much fun to drive, had room for my friends, and a good sized trunk for our toys. And it got great gas mileage, important for a teenager with limited funds.

That first Volvo so impressed me that I went on to buy 3 Volvo 122S’s, a Volvo 142S, a Volvo 164S, a Volvo 164E, a Volvo P-1800 and a Volvo 264 as my life moved on. All my Volvo’s are long gone but the fond memories of the many places they took me are still alive in my memory and in my pictures.

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