1976 Ford Elite

My father purchased a new 1976 Ford Elite in September of 1975, he drove it for about a year before I took it over. I drove this car my last two years of high school. It was brown with a tan half top. I had a ton of fun in that car. It took me everywhere without fail…..homecoming, prom, dates, boys night out…I think you get the idea. When I graduated in 1977 I was still driving my Elite. I got rid of the car in 1983 because, well I don’t remember why.

Now fast forward to the year 2008. I finally drove my family crazy with the notion of buying another Ford Elite….I was looking for about 10 years before I decided to really buy one. I found this Elite on E-bay, all original, the only difference was the color and it had a full vinyl top. Well, the time came and I finally bought it. My neighbor, my wife and I made the trip to the Illinois/Iowa border to pick her up. Coming from Michigan, this was a long trip, but we did it in one day.

I’m happy to report that I’m still having fun driving this car. Not only does this bring back fond memories of my father, the good old days of high school and it’s a car that you rarely see on the road. It’s big, it floats and it’s a ton of fun to drive.


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